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What Allah Says About Support
"By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give freely of that you love; and
  whatever you give, of a truth Allah knows it well". (Holy Quran 3:92)

Sahih International
Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness is [in] one who believes in Allah , the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask [for help], and for freeing slaves; [and who] establishes prayer and gives zakah; [those who] fulfill their promise when they promise; and [those who] are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous. (2:177)

What Prophet Muhammad [s]
Rasulullah (Sallellahu Alihe Wassalam) said, ‘Whosoever builds a house (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in paradise.’(at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban, Abu Dawud, and Ahmad)

The Holy Prophet said "wealth is never diminished because of charity;  it is rather purified and blessed"
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"Whatever you contribute for the cause of Allah,
it shall be repaid to you in full." (Holy Quran 8:60)

Sufi Meditation Center Society. a Non-Profit Registered Charity.
A Part of The Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Way , Flag of Sultan al Awliya Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani, and Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.

Your Support Goes To:
What Does Sufi Meditation Center Offer to the Community, Only for the Love Divine, Love of the Prophets [as] Love or the Saints !

All Free to the Public: we do not charge for any events or classes 

   Weekly Meditation Classes over 20 students attending
   Family and Personal Counseling by a Sufi Teacher 7 days a week.
   Weekly Sufi Chanting Circles Thur, Fri  & Saturday 
   Classes on Sufi Manners and Good Behavior  
   Sufi Sacred Knowledge's  
   The Grand Unity Sufi Circle at Alan Emmett Community Center Every Friday Evening Free to the Public over 100 Free Meals served.
   Sufi Websites with over 1000 Daily Visits Teaching about Sufism worldwide Http://
   Sufi Book Store and Meditation Space @ Rumi Rose Garden
   Feeding the Hungry & Feeding the Soul SMC feeds over 480 Homeless People Every Month for the Last 3 Years Cost is Over $5000 / yr.

we are trying our best to be of service, please show you care by supporting financially and participating at the events...
To all our loving community members realizing the current needs of the Sufi community in Vancouver and the future need for the new generation, our small community has embarked on a Blessed project . The Rumi Rose Garden is centrally located and highly accessible to all modes of transportation.

· We Have Halal Market & Café, Sufi Bookstore
· Ample area for Sufi Programs
Please Call to make arrangements on how you and your family can share in these blessings
and for your soul to be written that you help to spread the light of love

Special Message From Qutb al MutaSarif from Sufi Meditation Center

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