Sufi Meditation is the key and essence to spiritual development, for it is nothing other than the development of excellence, which is the highest level of spirituality as taught by Prophetic Reality.  It is the very annihilation of oneself in the presence of the Divine, in the light and reality of the Mentor, who is in reality the disciple’s source, and the origin of the light of his or her soul.
Sufi Meditation is thus a return to one’s true and perfected self.  It is the fastest and most direct method for spiritual progress.  Sufi Meditation is making migration from one’s self to Allah, Ellohim, Yewah, Ya Huwa, God Almighty,  The Divine Presence.  It is migration from the false identity this world has assigned the individual to the real identity that Divine ¹ has created and which exists in His Divine Presence.
Sufi Meditation is the perfect method for the development of spiritual consciousness, the awakening of the heart, soul, and the mind’s light—otherwise dormant.  Sufi Meditation is the denial of the senses which enslave one to this world.  Through Sufi Meditation, one may awaken to the true reality.  Thus it is the essence of asceticism, and the necessary path for seekers of the truth, for those men of God who willfully and completely turn away from this world, who will not and cannot rest until they arrive at their divine destinations.
Sufi Meditation is also the means of healing the body with the light of the Divine.  It leads to purification of the blood and the development of mastery over one’s electromagnetic energy field.  It is the key to the process of alchemy whereby the light, energy, and electricity of the Divine Presence change the mercury of this world that poisons one’s system into the gold of the blessed Prophetic Light.
Sufi Meditation is reality.  It is moving from slavery and bondage towards emancipation and freedom.  In summary and essence, to practice Sufi Meditation is to die to the world and awaken into reality.  It is, therefore, the aim, goal, and purpose of all spiritual practice.

Preparing for Sufi Meditation


The ideal time for Sufi Meditation—and indeed for spiritual endeavors in general—is at night, preferably after midnight.  This is the time when the world is asleep, but the lovers and seekers of God are awake and traveling towards reality and their Divine destinations.  The plane of consciousness is made clear when this world is veiled by night, and the chaotic world is at rest.  That is when the mind and heart may operate most efficiently and effectively.
Sufi Meditation is actually a state of heedfulness that must be constantly and perpetually maintained during the day.  Those committed to this path seek to maintain a state of mindfulness in each breath, not forgetting their Lord for even a moment.  This said, the quiet hours of the night are the best time to begin to develop this practice.  Sufi Meditation before midnight is very slow; after midnight, it is very fast.


Before beginning Sufi Meditation, The Angelic Power of Water, the source of all Life. The seeker must first make ablution with the realization of its inner aspects, washing away the burdens and darkness of this world from mind and body, igniting and sealing the energy that lies in one’s being.  The extremities washed during ablution are your primary means of interacting with this world, and any taint left by that contact must be cleaned off.  The seeker must also wash private parts with water after using the restroom.  Cleanliness is close to Godliness !


Just as it is important to maintain the purity of your body, it is also important to maintain a proper physical appearance.  The most direct method for establishing your identity as a traveler upon the path of self-purification is to adopt the correct outward appearance, abandoning the dress of worldliness and instead wearing the apparel of the next life.  In doing so, you leave behind your old identity, that slave of the material world, and assert your true identity as a servant of the Divine.
The dress most conducive to spirituality is the clothing worn by The Prophetic example[s], the traditional clothing worn by the prophets of Allah ¹.  The follower must wear his best clothing.  The ideal color is white, for it best deflects the negativity and bad energy of this world.
We must hold fast to all the elements of Modesty.


You should set aside a small corner of your house for spiritual activity, a niche which will become blessed and charged with angelic light and presence.  If possible, select a part of the house into which light cannot easily penetrate.  Lay out a nice prayer carpet, orienting it in the direction of prayer.  Place a candle or oil lamp before it in emulation of The Prophet Moses (as) who, in seeking the presence of the Divine, traveled towards the Burning Bush.  It is also recommended that you light either incense or a scented oil diffuser to attract angels and positive energy.  Finally, you should keep a picture of your Mentor nearby as a spiritual compass with which to align yourself and to facilitate the connection to his presence and reality.
When we speak of creating complete darkness in the meditation place, that means a complete absence of physical light.  It does not mean an absence of spiritual light, for that is precisely what we are seeking in Sufi Meditation.  The best way to seek such spiritual light is to find a room that no physical light can enter.  If you do not have access to such a place, then go to the lowest level of your home and cover yourself with a blanket so that you can perceive no light (if you do this then of course you will have to modify spiritual exercises involving candles—do not burn yourself).


One should state one’s intention as prescribed :
“I intend the forty (days of seclusion); I intend seclusion in the House of God; I intend seclusion; I intend isolation; I intend discipline (of the ego); I intend to travel in God’s Path; I intend to fast for the sake of God in this Place of God.”

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